Is yoga right for me? YES! Yoga is for everyone, no matter how you look, what you like, how old you are or where you live - It's accessable for everyone. Get this year started and connect with your body and soul. The Yoga Reveloution is here. GAIAM YOGA - SAY YES!

Gaiam Europe - Yoga belongs to us. Take your place on the yoga mat. Perfection is not required. Laugher is encouraged. Consider this an open invation to join. Gaiam Yoga, say yes!

Do you want to breathe better? Ski better? Run better? Sit better? Be a better dad, a better listener, or a better wide receiver? We're not all destined to be yogis, but we all have something to gain. Yoga studios have popped up all over Europe. Women go to brunch together in yoga pants, mats rolled at their sides like flags declaring a state of health.We all need the benefits of yoga - like never before. Gaiam brings strength, flexibility, and realxation to masses - we sparked the original yoga revolution, 30 years ago. We don't promise perfection. But we promise better.